Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Reinvent and Reimagine

I use those words a lot (reinvent and reimagine) when I'm writing grants.  Recycling properties that were once used for industrial purposes and reimagining them into something new once they've been cleaned up - put back into productive use - I tell that story over and over.  In fact, am gearing to write it about 18 or so times over the next 60 days as I write for communities in the hopes of getting some federal funding to help move redevelopment along.

But I'm also using them a lot more around the ol' homestead these days.  (And I dare say - my spouse starts to cringe and shudder just a bit when they come out of my mouth - as they usually involve some sort of woodwork for him...)

Case in point - my first Annie Sloan Chalk Paint project.  When we moved into this house - we gave up a lot of storage.  A LOT of storage, apparently, because after I unpacked the last box to make sure nothing had been broken in transport, I realized we had a lot of crap treasures with no place to store them.

The curio cabinet we moved with us was bursting at the seams - and there was simply no place to store the platters and plates, bar ware and serve ware that had filled the built in cabinets in our old home.

Realizing I'm married to who is arguable the cheapest man alive - I knew new furniture was out of the question.  So I'd have to get creative.

Enter the Habitat for Humanity store + Stylish Patina.  I signed up and took one of the chalk painting classes at Stylish Patina after visiting the shop and warehouse sales.  I loved loved loved the shabby chic look - and wanted to learn the secrets to recreating it in my own home.

Then I found a whopper of a deal on a huge (and I mean HUGE) china cabinet at the Habitat store.  It was well built of solid wood - and heavy as hell - but in pretty bad shape.  I bought it intending to donate or somehow get rid of the top china cabinet piece - was really after just the buffet/server piece to go in our dining room (since we already have a china cabinet - to have two would just look ridiculous.)  We got the monstrosity of a piece home - moved the server into place - and stuck the china hutch in the downstairs hall.  Where it sat.  And sat.  And got in the way.  And collected dust.  And irritated the heck out of me because it was so in.  The.  Way.

So.  I decided to try to paint it and make a curio out of it.  Why not - right?  If I totally screwed up - it wasn't a loss - because I was ready to take a  hatchet to it to just get it out of my house.

Deonne came up with the idea of adding feet to it to make it look more like a curio cabinet vs. the top of a china cabinet - so I was off...

In the Habitat Store - waiting to come home

Protecting the really old really cool glass...

First coat Annie Sloan Provence Blue Paint

Ta Da!!!

I'm pleased as punch.  Turned out great - and the finish with the wax is so super soft.  (I'm happy to say I think even Kelly (owner of Stylish Patina and super chalk painter/teacher extraordinaire)'s mama would be proud...)

Now.  What else can I get my paws on to reimagine and reinvent.....

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  1. I wonder if I can use those words in the next grant I am working on. Hmmm. Sorry about the snake and the cat thing. Is the cat ok? Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!