Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Frenzy

We love decorating in the Party house. Barbie houses, tree houses, forts, cakes, cookies... We don't discriminate.

I know the children get that from me. And I in turn get that from my mother who always made holidays special. It didn't matter how big or small the holiday was we always marked the day in some manner. Dinner in the dining room on the fancy china. Little treats waiting for us at our places at the breakfast table.

I think she must have really loved doing it. Cause it's a lot of work. A true labor of love.

I really love doing the same for my children. Seeing the delight in their eyes over something as simple as a new paper heart plate or funny straw. Watching their creativity blossom as they create works of sugar art with sprinkles.

Yeah, I had to cringe and not think about the sprinkles going everywhere and stop Jack on multiple occasions for piling on 19 lbs of sugary goodness on his cookies. But witnessing his proud smile when he held up his multi-colored cookie that the lucky recipient will probably break a tooth on was more than worth the future dental bill.

Let the love-fest begin!

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