Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Supehero James

James turned five on February 19.  It boggles my mind that the sweet little baby I remember from his birth day is now a true little boy - heading off to kindergarten in the fall and bringing to a close his early childhood.  What better way to celebrate than with a party of superhero proportions.

 I started the party theme with a superfun superhero invite (gotta love photoshop)

 My first attempt at fondant.  Not too shabby ... I don't think I'd sell any cakes, but
James liked it - and that's what counts.

 Sweets table

 Superhero Lollipops - a thank you for the superheros for their hard work

Superhero Sugar Cookies

Table Settings (kids got to take home the cup + silly straw)

Whats a party without Hot Tamales?

Superhero Capes + Masks
The kids had to earn their cape and mask by completing super-special
superhero training.

They had to run like the Flash...

Leap over tall buildings like Superman...

Swing on a web and climb the side of a building like Spiderman...

And Fly like Superman.

And what superhero party would not be complete without a true villan who appeared
to try to steal away the birthday boy's fun?

Thus The Riddler made an appearance.
(Thanks to a good friend, a bottle of orange hairspray, a bit of research on You Tube, and a
bribe of a snazzy bottle of bourbon.)

The Riddler told all sorts of silly riddles - that the kids didn't understand - but laughed at
like hyenas.

Then they were tasked with their superhero training (to be able
to fight the villan and all.)

James was first to 'fly.'

And climb the side of a building.

And leap/crush small buildings.

Anna followed suit.

Such a prissy girl when she runs!

And even the littlest superheros got in on the action...

Working hard to jump over those buildings.

After donning their superhero cape - the kids had to then dispose of the kryptonite
that the Riddler threw at them (following a barrage of more corny riddles.)  And to do so they needed
to wear special kryptonite-proof gloves and use special kryptonite-disposing tongs.

It was very hard work.

And after that training - they all received their superhero masks - and special
web slingers (silly string) that they would use to capture the Riddler, should he make another appearance.

Which he did - and was appropriately covered in Spider webs.

Until Daddy came and handcuffed the Riddler - and led him off to the appropriate authorities.

But not before posing for a final shot...

Superhero James Defeats The Riddler!

Then it was time to eat - Wonder Dogs, Veggie Shooters, Fruit Cups, and Energy Boosting Chips,
followed by birthday cake and cookies.

And a rousing 'Happy Birthday' to our little superhero.

Happy Birthday my sweet Superhero James!
You truly make my life more fantastic and silly than I ever thought possible!

Note - many of the party ideas came from One Charming Party's superhero party.  Tons of great ideas - that made for a truly Super party! 

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