Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Snap Snap

It's funny to me to see how much things have changed in the mere (ahem) twenty or so years since I was a kid. (Yeah - I'm being generous there... so what...)  I remember playing with random things, pretending they were something else, doing whatever I could to be BIG.

And I remember my mom and dad shaking their heads as I went about the world in my never-ending state of an overactive imagination.

I find myself doing that a lot these days. A LOT.

Take yesterday, for example.  James and Anna were bickering over something in the back of the van.  I looked in the rearview mirror to find out just what the culprit was this time - to discover it was an old flip phone of mine that had made its way to the toy bin.  And I mean really old.  Like, before the ever-popular Razor phone old.

They were arguing and festering over who had the chance to take a picture first.

Take a picture??  There was no camera in that phone - heck - I seriously doubt if it had a speaker on it, let alone a camera.  It was one step up from a bag phone.  Seriously.  But there they were - holding it up to one another - arms outstretched - holding it to eye level - pretending to snap pictures, posing, smiling, and then the best part - saying 'nah, that's no good - we'll have to delete it and take another one.'

That's almost as funny as when James came downstairs a few months ago with a bright pink plastic Barbie stethoscope tucked over his ear (apparently snagged from veterinarian Barbie) with the ear pieces on either side of his ear and the microphone part pointed towards his mouth.  Naturally I asked him what it was doing on his head - to which he replied "mommy - hush - I'm talking on the phone."  Which is particularly hilarious considering neither Deonne, nor I use bluetooth technology.

Or how about when we (the boys and I) were singing along to 'Five Little Monkeys' one afternoon en route to pick up Anna, complete with hand gestures.  When I made the age old gesture of a phone - you know - the 'hang loose' hand configuration with your pinky to your mouth and your thumb to your ear - James promptly corrected me by saying 'Mommy - that's not right.  Phones go like THIS' - and he held his hand flat against his ear - like you would with a blackberry or iphone.

Oh times, they are a'changing, indeed, a'changing...

Just a little funny I thought about this morning.

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