Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Firsts

It's been such a crazy few weeks that I'm now working backwards to get things caught up on the family blog.  Another 'first' last week was Anna's attendance at her new dance studio.  She's danced at a small studio the past three years.  Based on the recommendation of a good friend, we moved her to a new studio - where she can take tap, ballet, and jazz all in one session.  A hour and a half session - with 30 minutes of each type of dance back-to-back - but one session nonetheless.  Which means one less day of being a slave to my kids' activities pick up and one drop off and less driving around for me.  SCORE.

And her new teacher, Ms. Shannon, rocks.  She is an amazing dancer, has an insane amount of energy, and adores the kids.  We've only been in one day of class + one birthday party where she was the teacher and Anna is already smitten.

And this studio is one step up from where she was before - required black leotards, specific shoe colors, and hair styles.  And moms aren't allowed to watch class (unless you let the teacher know in advance.)  So I peeked in the small window to snap this with my phone.  Yeah - I'm one of those moms... but after this first day of class, I promised myself I wouldn't take any more pictures.

So we're officially back to fall activities - next week after school French class starts up for Anna (thankfully that takes place at her school so no driving around), the Wednesday night programs begin in mid-September, and sometime in the next few weeks fall soccer practice will begin for James.

A lot of busyness - but I like it.  

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