Monday, October 19, 2009

Apples, Pumpkins, and Hayrides, Oh My!

We had an abbreviated trip to the apple farm this year. We usually take a weekend trip up to the apple mountains of North Carolina every fall with some dear friends and their girls. Unfortunately, finances and a crazy schedule prevented as such this year. Boo! But, it was a chance to let the kids run, play, and show off their new outfits from Shrimp & Grits Kids.

Desperate for some family time together (after not seeing my kids for almost two weeks) and not wanting to totally miss the fun of fall this year all-together - we packed up our Party of Five for a day trip on Sunday afternoon to Nivens Apple Farm. It was a perfect fall day. The sun was shining. The air was crisp and cool (we actually had need to break out our fleece jackets for the first time of the season.) The apples were tart and sweet. The pumpkins bright and orange. The cider ice cold and refreshing after an afternoon of tromping around the orchard.

The kids loved the hayride the best - a short narrated tour around the farm. It was nice in that it was educational - okay, the lady was kind of corny and crazy - but she did have some interesting farm facts to share.

It's a neat farm - was relatively close to home (less than two hours) - so definitely do-able for a day trip.

Of course, we greatly missed picking apples with our friends, and if I heard once I heard fifteen times, "why isn't Anna Reese with us this year mommy?"

So Logan, if you're reading this, know you and your family were desperately missed - and we hope we can get back on track for more apple festivities next year!

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