Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Never Underestimate the Size of a Fat Baby

The mantra for today. So I pulled out a pair of James' outgrown dressy shoes out of the closet and sized them up against Jack - stupidly thinking that I could accurately size shoes for my fat baby without actually putting them on his feet.

I thought they'd work - and in a hurry - left for work.

Called my favorite local children's store and talked to the proprietor (who I know on a first name basis) and had her pull the size shoe I thought I needed.

Ran out there after work, purchased said shoes and additional items for the kids - rushed to get the kids home from school, and after getting dinner started, finally sat down and tried the new shoes on baby Jack.

No go.

Jack's fat little foot is a size bigger than James' was - when James was 18 months old. Lovely.

So while I'm at it - I try James' shoes on him - the ones I bought at the end of the season last year, on sale, when another local children's store was going out of business. That I was sure would fit him now.

No go.

So now I need to say a prayer that when I call back to S. Children - that they actually have the right sizes. For both boys.

And figure out when I can get there.

During this busy, busy pre-holiday week.

Lesson learned.

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